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Bathrooms – what’s on-trend for 2019 in East Finchley and Enfield?

Bathrooms – what’s on-trend for 2019 in East Finchley and Enfield?

Bathrooms are one of those rare spaces in your home where the practical and pampering aspects of our daily lives meet. Our approach to how they’re filled can be greatly dictated by which of these we place the greater emphasis on, as well as taste and style. Past fashions have included everything from the somewhat cold but classy black/white chessboard feel to the warmer, aquamarine under-the-sea tiled space. And who can forget the wonderful avocado or mustard colours of the bathroom suits of the 1970s?

Not all fashions are lasting!

If you’re one of those people who has resisted refreshing their bathroom for years – putting up with the cracks and the leaks, the chilly drafts, the radiant pink that does not seem to dull with age, because you think that such a project would come with a big price tag, think again. Not only are bathroom refurbs far more affordable now than they used to be, but there are so many new trends to choose from to make your bathroom the most relaxing and indulgent room in your home.

An overarching theme in 2019 is a change of shape, with designers embracing softer, flowing lines over the hard and angular layouts that have been popular for years, and some of the colours and materials may surprise you.

Go glam, go gold

Yes, you read that right. Gold is back, according to Livingetc magazine, and it’s ready to make a subtle splash in your bathroom. Far from being the star of the show, the aim is to add gold to ‘enhance’ the overall look of the room, to give it a sense of opulence. This may involve making simple changes such as replacing light fittings and taps, or including gold elements in your redecoration.

Add a bit of sherbet fizz

Ever wanted to feel like you’re at a Miami pool party? Go for it with zingy pastels and sherbet hues, which, when combined with the metallic fashions many have embraced over the years, can give your bathroom an extra special pop of fashionable fun.


In the bathroom? No, we haven’t gone too far. Materials and printing techniques have evolved so much that you don’t have to rely on tiles – there’s no room that can’t have boldly patterned wallpaper on a feature wall.

Exposed and untamed

Have you ever seen the piping in your bathroom? It’s becoming part of the decoration for many to uncover the polished copper piping which weaves its way under our sinks and baths to our taps, making them a feature of the room rather than something to hide away.

Raw and natural

Wood can provide an element of warmth, especially with darker timbers, which can add a sense of vintage style. It’s now possible to get porcelain tiles which look so wood-like you’d be hard pushed to know the difference – and they can provide an easier to maintain and more durable alternative.

Whatever look you decide to go for, our team are on hand to help with any aspect of your bathroom refurbishment, including ideas on colours, textures and materials. Just give us a call on 0203 021 2140.

Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood

Coming from a very creative background, Lisa followed her passion for Art & Design and went through Art College and a BA Fashion & Textile course at University. Straight from University she landed her dream job in the fashion world, which she enjoyed being in for over 20years. Lisa decide in 2016 that she wanted to take her creative skills into another area of design joining The Building Company and concentrating on interiors.