Apr 10

Why You Should Consider Extending Rather Than Moving Home

Home extension in North LondonThere comes a time in life for every family when they simply need more room. Whether they’ve had a change in circumstances, have welcomed a new arrival or need to care for an elderly relative, their need then leaves them with two main options.

Those options are to seek out and move to a new house or to extend their current property to better meet their needs. (more…)

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Mar 08

The Pros and Cons of Open Plan Living

Open plan living spaceArchitectural and interior design tastes change immeasurably over time. Houses built before the turn of the last century, for instance, were typically designed with lots of separate rooms. That reflected the cultural and social preferences of the time and the fact that the number of rooms you had in your house was long seen as a measure of your status.


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Jan 25

Top Tips for Selecting the Right Builder for You

Selecting the right builderWhatever the scale, if you have a building project which you need completed it is absolutely crucial to get the right builder for the job. Trusting the wrong tradesman with the task, after all, can lead to untold problems and often breath-taking costs in the long as well as the short term. The following top tips, therefore, should prove entirely invaluable for anyone who is looking to discover the right builder for them. (more…)

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Dec 14

What are the different types of loft conversions?

dormer loft conversionThere are four main types of loft conversion. Three types extend a property and the fourth option, a velux conversion does not involve extending an existing space. When considering a loft conversion a number of factors need to be considered such as the style of your property, roof height, space available, your needs, your budget and whether you are in a conservation area.  Below we explain the options available.


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Nov 02

Why opt for a loft conversion rather than move

loft conversion in North LondonFor most properties having a loft conversion doesn’t require planning permission. From 1st October 2011 new regulations came into force that meant permission from your local council was no longer required saving on average £1,000 per project for each homeowner looking at embarking on the work. (more…)

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Dec 15

Making a Building Regulations Application

How to Make a Building Regulations ApplicationIt is not possible to just build or create changes to a building without securing an approval from your local authority. Building regulation is not the same as planning permission although it is possible that you will be required to do both. (more…)

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