Why You Should Consider Extending Rather Than Moving Home

Home extension in North LondonThere comes a time in life for every family when they simply need more room. Whether they’ve had a change in circumstances, have welcomed a new arrival or need to care for an elderly relative, their need then leaves them with two main options.

Those options are to seek out and move to a new house or to extend their current property to better meet their needs. Which of those two options is more suitable obviously depends on a family’s individual circumstances, but the following are some compelling reasons why extending might be a better choice than upping sticks and moving.

You Can Individually Tailor an Extension

The first and arguably most persuasive argument for extending rather than moving is that you can dictate exactly the size, shape and nature of an extension. You can, as a result, ensure that the extra space you add to your home is tailored specifically to you and your family’s needs.

Whether that means adding a downstairs bathroom, a nursery or even an annex-style granny flat to your property, it always means your specific needs can be met (planning permission and building regulations permitting). If you choose to move home instead, however, finding a property that similarly meets those needs could take a significant amount of time and effort, if it is possible at all.

It Is Comparatively Less Disruptive

Okay, having significant building work done at your home can put you and your family out somewhat, but it is nothing compared to the disruption caused by moving. The process of moving itself, after all, is widely accepted to be one of the most stressful that any person goes through in their life.

What’s more, there are a multitude of other disruptions associated with settling into and getting used to a new home. Your children, for instance, may have to move schools or get used to living further away from their friends. Commutes to work, too, may significantly change in both manner and length, and all of these things have to be taken into account.

You Often Get Far Better Value for Money

If you’re looking to move in order to have more space, you will obviously need to buy a larger property. In many areas of the country, and most especially in London and other big cities, the price of properties skyrocket as their size increases.

That means that the cost of having a top quality extension added to your current home, will often be significantly less than the ultimate cost of buying a property offering the same amount of extra space. What’s more, there are also a number of semi-hidden costs associated with moving house that most people don’t realise exist, until they find themselves paying them.

Most notable amongst those kinds of costs are things like estate agency fees, conveyancing charges, removal costs, stamp duty and arrangement fees on new mortgages. It has been estimated that these kinds of supplementary costs can reach £10,000 or more for an average sized property in the UK and therefore make moving home an even more expensive proposition.