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Dormer Loft Conversions

The most common types of loft conversions are dormer loft conversions. They are usually built in mid terrace and end of terrace properties that already have gable walls in place.

Dormer Loft Conversions

These tend to be the easiest type of lofts to convert and are capable of providing a relatively large amount of usable space quickly and at a low cost.


A loft conversion is a fantastic cost effective way to enhance the value of your home with out having to move out. A loft conversion is also a great way to convert unused space in your home into a great useable new space such as an en-suite bedroom, nursery, studio or office.


When we meet you at your property, we will discuss the requirements for your  Loft conversion


We will identify whether your space is suitable for a loft and, if so, will carry out an initial survey and discuss the next steps.

Loft Conversion process:

We will prepare a quotation for you to review and upon acceptance, will arrange a meeting with our Architect and determine the best Loft design based on the property and your needs.

The next step is to apply for Planning Permission (where necessary), Party Wall Agreements (where necessary) and Building Control. At the building company we will coordinate all the information required and once in place, will agree a date to commence your works.

We will book a Prestart Meeting to discuss the project, and schedule the scaffolding (where necessary) to be erected. Once done, materials will be ordered and the works starts as the following steps…

Sample Walk-through of a standard Dormer Loft Conversion

The type of loft conversions that can be done depends on the type of home you live in. As well as the type of home, the area will dictate what kind of planning permission is required and what kind of conversion that we can provide you with. Whatever this is, we can guarantee a conversion that will allow you the most space and the most aesthetically pleasing to suit your needs and planning regulations.

We offer a full design and build service which starts with an initial consultation, once we have assessed suitability we then commission our architects to design your perfect loft conversion, we will submit all planning or permitted development paper work and deal with all building control issues.

Once all this has been dealt with, we are ready to start.

Although each Loft is different,  these are the steps we tend to follow.

Throughout the project Anthony Panayi our project manager and director of the company with over 20 years experience, will be on hand to answer any questions and if not on-site with you he is available by phone during business hours.

Step 1

A tubular scaffold is erected at the front and rear of the property to allow access to the roof/loft area.

Step 2

An access hole is made in the existing roof.  This is how we access the loft area insuring that the disruption within the house is kept to a minimum.

Step 3

Pockets are cut into the party walls and steel plates fitted to receive the steel beams that will take the load of the new suspended floor ( this is all done with a laser level to ensure that all work is carried out to millimetre precision).

Step 4

The Steel beams are craned into position and bricked into the wall.

Step 5

The new suspended floor is fitted.  It is a common misconception that the loft conversion floor will be build directly on the ceiling below, this is not the case.  It needs to be an independent structure to pass building regulations.

Step 6

A stud wall is built to support the remaining roof structure by transferring the weight of the roof onto the new floor structure.

Step 7

A ridge steel is fitted to take the weight of the front slope and the dormer.

Step 8

The rear roof slope is removed and we build the new dormer.

Step 9

The external dormer walls and roof are clad in plywood, the roof felt is torched on or the GRP is fitted and the walls are wrapped in a waterproof breathable felt and battened ready for tiling.

Step 10

A hole is cut in the existing ceiling and the new stairs are fitted to allow access into the new loft conversion ( this is the first time building work will take place within the existing property but because of the sheeting we use to seal the work space.  Any mess will be kept to a minimum.

Step 11

All internal partitions are built.

Step 12

The plumbers and electricians install the first fix electrics and plumbing.

Step 13

The windows are fitted and the dormer is tiled.

Step 14

The loft is now insulated to current regulations and plaster boarded ready for plastering and the tongue and groove flooring is laid.

Step 15

The loft is now plastered down to the first landing.

Step 16

Now for the second fix carpentry, plumbing and electrics to be carried out.

Step 17

Once all building works is completed we carry out an inspection and snagging list to ensure all works has been completed to our standard.  We also ask the customer to do this.

Your loft is finished and ready for decorating.

Ready made Support

Not only do they provide a greater internal volume for the given floor area (compared to hipped roofs) with this type of construction the gable walls are often capable of providing ready made support for new elements of the structure such as roof and floor beams in most cases we can find room for a bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

Second additional bedroom

If there is a rear addition to the property we can sometimes build a secondary dormer above this to create a second bedroom in addition to the rooms we have already built.  To qualify as permitted development a box dormer is built on the opposite side of the building to the highway.

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