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Dream extension: A teenager’s den in East Finchley

Dream extension: A teenager’s den in East Finchley

First, I have an admission. It’s been a while since I was a teenager. You might not know it from looking at me, I mean I still have my rugged good looks and… (ok, stop laughing, seriously, stop it). Let’s just say that I’m young enough to remember what it was like to be a teenager, but old enough to get annoyed by their music (I mean, why does it always need to be so loud!), which is a good thing because that means I’ve spent much of the time in between then and now getting good at my craft – refurbishing, renovation and building spaces people love to live in.

One of the many things that clients have asked me to design and build for them over the years is a place for their teenagers to hang out, a haven, a fortress of solitude (there I go showing my age again), a retreat from adults. Somewhere they can have some space, entertain their friends or play. And, more importantly, somewhere they can be so the parents can have a little peace and quiet.

When building an extension to house a teenager’s den there are certain considerations to keep in mind. They’ll want…

Somewhere to chill

Whether your teenager’s idea of relaxing means fairy lights, blankets, oversized cushions and draped fabric or thrash metal played at ear-splitting decibels, we can design the perfect space for them (and you). Extensions can be fitted with super sound-absorbent insulation, built-in speakers and blackout blinds, or styled to allow in loads of natural sunlight through substantial Velux windows or bi-fold doors to the garden. We’d take into account the size, location, orientation and architecture of your home and your aspirations for a dream teenager’s den to design something they’ll love to chill in.


Somewhere to play

Tech is a big part of any teenager’s life, so if you’re building them a den you may want to consider the sound system, the Wi-Fi connection, where the flat screen is going to go, the weight of classic arcade machines on flooring, and, if you’re going all out, whether you want it to double as a cinema room. No teenager’s den would be complete without a game console hooked up to a big screen or that same big screen connected to YouTube 24/7, so as well as sound insulation and comfy furniture (sofas, bean bags and suchlike), we’ll have to pay particular attention to the wiring capacity of the extension you’ll build for them.


Somewhere to hang with friends

While the word ‘cool’ is particularly uncool to use – so I’m informed – you’ll get what I mean when I say that for your kids to have the street cred they crave you’ll need to design a space that will wow their friends. We can design a space to be any size or shape, to have vaulted ceilings and engineered wood floors or deep pile carpets and cosy nooks and crannies, to be an orangery, a conservatory, an extension with an entire side that opens out into the garden or somewhere cut off from the rest of the house for all the privacy they’d want.

We’re not suggesting for one moment that your particular teens will thank you for an extension built just for them… they’re teens after all, but we can help make your plans a reality. And, if nothing else, you might be able to reclaim parts of your home that have been off-limits or ‘shared’ for many years.

If you’d like to discuss plans for building a teenager’s den extension to your home, call us on 0203 021 2140 or email info@thebuildingcompany.co.uk.

Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood

Coming from a very creative background, Lisa followed her passion for Art & Design and went through Art College and a BA Fashion & Textile course at University. Straight from University she landed her dream job in the fashion world, which she enjoyed being in for over 20years. Lisa decide in 2016 that she wanted to take her creative skills into another area of design joining The Building Company and concentrating on interiors.