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Dream extension: Man cave nirvana

Dream extension: Man cave nirvana

Before we launch into this article I feel it’s important for me to point out that we are an equal opportunities firm, we follow all the diversity guidelines, and everyone gets paid their worth – no matter their gender. However, this is an article unashamedly for men (or for women looking for a way to earn serious marriage points) because we’re going to be discussing the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Fluo Capsule of home improvements – the man cave extension.

A man cave is a sanctuary, a fortress of solitude, a space where only a guy and his mates can go – no women or children in this particular lifeboat, thank you very much!

Since time immemorial men have looked for a place to call their own in their own home, some corner, no matter how small, dark or dusty, that they can escape to when the shrieking of Peppa Pig or the millionth episode of the Kardashians becomes too much to bear. In days gone by the garden shed might have been that place, or the allotment, but no more, today’s male-only space is purpose-built.

What makes the perfect man cave is much disputed, but we have compiled a list of some of the considerations we’ve been asked to keep in mind when building a man cave extension or constructing one into a refurb project.


  1. Soundproofing

That’s shielding from the sounds of the outside world (children’s TV theme tunes, ‘Daaaaaaaad, Jon’s biting me again’, ‘TAKE OUT THE BINS’, or equivalent) and the outside world from you (so you can play your favourite music without fear of sneering teens, watch Braveheart at the right volume (MAXIMUM), or banter with your mates without fear of prying ears).


  1. Visuals

No man cave could possibly be complete without a super-sized screen for relaxing in front of a Die Hard, Star Wars (original Episode IV onwards) or The Matrix. Whether you go for a king-sized OLED or something more cinematic than that, it has to be state-of-the-art, better than your typical movie-going experience and something your buddies will respect… not just the 40-inch from the living room.


  1. Seating

You’ll call it your ‘cinema room’ when buddies pop over and your ‘man cave’ to yourself when you’re on your own, so what you sit on to watch your favourite movies, listen to your favourite music, or read your favourite newspaper does matter. Will you go for a Barcalounger like in Joey and Chandler’s apartment (Friends), a recliner with deep massage settings, an oversized sink-in-soft sofa or old repurposed cinema seats?


  1. Sound System

Whatever surround system you go for, make sure that your soundproofing is good enough so you can enjoy it turned up high. Remember it needs to be able to handle Whitesnake and Inception, so plenty of bass, enough speakers to make you feel like you’re there, and super-sharp quality.


  1. Play

No man cave would be complete without the obligatory games area and bar. You need enough ‘toys’ to keep yourself and your mates entertained for hours… quality time. These might be old-school arcade games, pinball machine, table football, PlayStation/Xbox. Mix it up with some classic and some hi-tech.


  1. Décor

We’d recommend dark colours, plenty of blacks and greys, a smattering of framed movie posters, maybe some awards you’ve won over the years (even school heyday trophies are acceptable in this room).


  1. Hobby

A man cave can also be somewhere to focus on a hobby, a passion, away from the rest of the family – sci-fi memorabilia, classic console games, Airfix models, guitars, music recording, animation or any number of other options. Space for you to be your most honest you.

The reality is that your man cave can be anything you want it to be – you just need the right builder to make it a reality for you.

If you are looking for a builder with the expertise to create a man cave you can escape to, call us on 0203 021 2140 or email info@thebuildingcompany.co.uk.

Anthony Panayi
Anthony Panayi

From a young boy following his father around while he was carrying out building works, Anthony knew the building industry was in his blood. He completed a City and Guilds course in carpentry, worked in the industry as an apprentice on new builds through to grand listed buildings. He grew his knowledge and experience and decided to start up his own company back in 2007 and has never looked back.