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Dream Extension: The perfect playroom in East Finchley and North London

Dream Extension: The perfect playroom in East Finchley and North London

While any extension can be an exciting opportunity for you to let your imagination run wild, the perfect playroom extension is one where you really don’t have to hold back. From striped wallpaper on the ceiling to cubbyholes of curiosity, the perfect playroom can be a combination of somewhere to feed your child’s imagination, stimulate their senses and allow for education through play, alongside providing a place of calm relaxation for nap-time. Of course, it can also be a place where your own ‘inner child’ can be let loose in the design process. Have fun with it.

One important thing to remember, though, is that children never sit still – yes physically, but I also mean holistically. They change so much in their wants and needs in a relatively short amount of time – from baby to toddler and from child to teen – so this needs to be a space which can be amazing for today and easily adapted for tomorrow.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Think textures, think flooring

When we talk about bringing the outside in, it usually means putting in bi-fold doors, to create a seamless link between the inside and the outside, but how about flooring that looks a little like the grass in the garden? Green carpet, tile, linoleum or even rubber flooring – it’s easy to clean and it can be the start of an adventure around whatever landscape your child chooses that day. If you add in colourful rugs as well, then who knows where their imagination will take them. If that’s not for you then it’s worth investing in hardwood floors – they’re stylish, hard-wearing and will suit any age. Create the right environment and the kids will play to their heart’s content, until it’s tidy up time.

Create a social space

Seating options are a must for adventurers seeking to settle down with a book, have friends over to play, or to create a den for the day. While there aren’t many adults who can manage to get up gracefully from one, beanbags are a much-loved seating option for most children, and can add a splash of colour to a playroom. Day beds can also offer the chance to chill out and sofa beds can make the space more adaptable for both daytime play and sleepover nights.

Write on the walls

Yes, really. The invention of blackboard paint is something we didn’t know we needed, but now it’s here we wonder what we did before. Well, we do know what we did – we spent hours scrubbing felt-tip pen from our walls! Blackboard painted walls can encourage your child to get creative, though you may need to watch out for your partner’s inner rebel creeping out once in a while to enjoy the legalised graffiti. The matt black of the blackboard paint can also add a feature wall in reverse to an otherwise colourful room. If you’re not a fan of clearing chalk dust up from your floors, you’ll be pleased to hear that whiteboard paint with washable markers is also available, giving your child (and your partner) a new way to brighten up the room with their artwork every day.

Adaptable storage

Your flip down, wall-mounted table might be a colouring station and teddy tea party area now, but in a few years’ time it will be just right for a homework space. Combine this with low-level cupboards, and you’ll have storage for toys and stationery today, and for textbooks and printing paper in the future. Floating shelves also give you the perfect place to store books or display artwork and awards.

Get creative with corners

‘Alone time’ is really important, and in a room designed for work and play, it’s important to create a space that gives your child somewhere to wind down. Corners coupled with mini bookshelves, cushions and cuddly toys can create a break in the room, or if you’d like something even more definite, you could add a tent or tepee. Alcoves can also be a great opportunity to add in some more all-important storage space, with built-in cupboards or display cabinets. There can never be enough storage space, especially in a playroom!

If you’d like any more ideas or help with designing or building your dream playroom, just give us a call on 0203 021 2140 or email – we’d love to help make your dreams come true.

Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood

Coming from a very creative background, Lisa followed her passion for Art & Design and went through Art College and a BA Fashion & Textile course at University. Straight from University she landed her dream job in the fashion world, which she enjoyed being in for over 20years. Lisa decide in 2016 that she wanted to take her creative skills into another area of design joining The Building Company and concentrating on interiors.