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Good Housekeeping’s top 7 redecoration trends for 2020

Good Housekeeping’s top 7 redecoration trends for 2020

December 2019 saw one of my favourite articles of the year from Good Housekeeping (ok, you got me, I don’t usually read GH, but when clients ask me what’s on trend I have to have an answer, so I do occasionally thumb through a few well-known magazines (the online e-versions) to see what’s new. This one caught my eye, so I thought I’d share their insights in case you’re thinking of redecorating in the New Year, all about the colour palettes that interior designers are going to be using in 2020.


If you wish to update the look and feel of your home, one of the quickest, cheapest and most striking ways to do this is to redecorate. Some colours are classics, others come and go, so if your walls look a little like the 1970s have exploded over your living room or the 1990s died in your bathroom, then you might want to cover over the embarrassment and start afresh.


Here are Good Housekeeping’s seven top tip colours to redecorate with this coming year:

1. Classic Blue

Probably closest to Dulux’s Sapphire Salute matt emulsion, this is what I might have called Royal Blue in the olden days. It’s sophisticated and stylish and it can be used to accent or all over because it’s not too overpowering. The more you use, the stronger the statement you are making, but it’s usually best twinned with white borders, woodwork and ceilings.


2. White

With a trend towards more colourful furnishings in the home, white walls are making a comeback, the blank canvas against which the vibrancy of your sofas, dining chairs and kitchen tiles will shine. For a little more depth you can use a variety of shades of white to create a layered look and feel to a room.


3. Blush

The blush paint palette is diverse with a wide variety of tones available, but this is far from ‘girly’. Blush has been accepted as a strong feminine colour for any age group as its sophistication is determined more by the other colours, textures and furnishings your interior designer works with in the room.


4. Burnt Orange

It’s certainly not for everyone or every home as painting whole rooms with this colour could be a little overpowering, but burnt orange has been a fashionable accenting colour for quite a few years now and 2020 looks to be another strong one for this contender. From a look of lively sun-baked for a kitchen to a modern twist on a ’70s burnt umber colour scheme in the living room, this deep orange is a winner in our books.


5. Peacock

In the Dulux paint palette, Peacock is a teal-like colour, greens and blues mixed to represent the colouring of the ends of a peacock’s feathers. And just like a peacock, this can be twinned with a kaleidoscope of other bright colours in borders, curtains and furnishings. It’s a diverse and adaptable colour that can be used anywhere in the home.


6. Hunter Green

Like burnt orange and classic blue, hunter green can be used to create a mature and elegant room. The depth and seriousness of this colour will elevate any space, though it’s sure to remind you of a drawing room or a library if used liberally around a room. If instead you choose to paint doors, borders or window frames with this colour alongside other shades it can add new layers or make a feature stand out.


7. Clay

I find this one a little odd. The colour is literally like unfired clay, a sort of brown-orange matt colour that to my mind makes the room feel unfinished because of its origins – perhaps it reminds me of the inside of a mud hut – but clearly there are those who like this sort of thing because it made the list in GH.


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Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood

Coming from a very creative background, Lisa followed her passion for Art & Design and went through Art College and a BA Fashion & Textile course at University. Straight from University she landed her dream job in the fashion world, which she enjoyed being in for over 20years. Lisa decide in 2016 that she wanted to take her creative skills into another area of design joining The Building Company and concentrating on interiors.