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The secret to a fabulous garden vista in East Finchley

The secret to a fabulous garden vista in East Finchley

If you are thinking of extending your home, you may focus on imagining the grand scale of your kitchen island, an open-plan living room with space for all the family to spread out, a dream office with a West Wing-style desk, or a gym to rival the overpriced one down the road that you’ve never trained in but still haven’t cancelled your membership.


But, no matter what you choose to be the main function of your new rear extension, there’s one decision that you should definitely make with care and consideration – how best to create a seamless connection between outside and in. How can you join your extension with your garden to make it feel like one big entertaining space, or simply to provide a beautiful vista to look out onto all year round?

Bringing the outside in and creating a space full of natural light offers huge advantages when adding a rear extension to your home. Choices such as types of windows and doors, plants, trees and landscaping all need to be considered.
To create a ‘vista’ you need an expanse of glazing overlooking your garden and a garden that looks great no matter the season. Bifold doors are an obvious choice because they can create an entire wall of light, literally folding away to open up your space. A conservatory or an orangery adds extra room with Velux windows or a glazed roof to let the feel of the outside in. A veranda can make an outside area feel like a transition zone between indoors and the garden, and who wouldn’t want to be relaxing with a glass of wine, chatting to friends out on your own veranda of a summer’s eve? And a balcony can add outside space with views from your upper floors – include large windows around it to create a little extra drama. The right combination of doors and windows can make your inside spaces seem larger, lighter and closer to the garden you’ll be designing to best fit your lifestyle.
Increasingly we’re seeing customers who choose to take advantage of the chance to not only extend their homes but to create a fabulous garden to look out onto as well. People are proud of their outside spaces, or they want to be, happy to show them off, to entertain in them, and do a little for the local environment while they’re at it. Trees add maturity, shade and privacy, wildflowers and other pollen-ripe plants help local bee populations, attract insects which attract birds, and the whole ecosystem of a garden can make it all the more exciting. Decking, pathways, flowerbeds and features, a shed or studio to escape to or get creative in, lighting so that when the sun goes down you can still enjoy your outdoor spaces. All this and more can make your garden view into a magnificent vista for your extension to look out onto.
If you’re imagining that the gardens we’re talking about have to be large, think again. It’s now hugely popular for gardens to take advantage of their vertical spaces, making the most of an outer wall or fencing with courtyard-style potted plants and vines to give the outside of your home a splash of colour and character. 

If you would like to talk about your plans for your home and garden, don’t hesitate to call us on 0203 021 2140 or email us. We’re always happy to help.

Anthony Panayi
Anthony Panayi

From a young boy following his father around while he was carrying out building works, Anthony knew the building industry was in his blood. He completed a City and Guilds course in carpentry, worked in the industry as an apprentice on new builds through to grand listed buildings. He grew his knowledge and experience and decided to start up his own company back in 2007 and has never looked back.