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What’s the damage? Are you having to pick up the pieces after the storms?

What’s the damage? Are you having to pick up the pieces after the storms?

It has been a traumatic year for many across the UK. Even before COVID-19 was named, thousands had suffered from storms and floods that decimated their way of life and damaged their homes, often beyond anything they’d seen before. Many had witnessed flooding in years gone by, but this was worse than they’d previously experienced. Driving rain and burst riverbanks were the most common reasons for flood damage in homes, but sometimes water diverted from one area rushed through others, taking trees and cars with it and rendering homes uninhabitable. If your home was affected by the storms and flooding, have you picked up the pieces yet?

Though the flood waters have now subsided, the aftermath is likely to be still sodden carpets, waterlogged basements, ruined walls, doors and possessions. Compensation will take time to come through, but life must go on. So, if your home has been impacted by the winter weather it may now be time to think where your budget for repair work and successful insurance claims might be best invested.

It might not look like the home you moved into all those year ago, but you, no doubt, love it all the same, so you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Your first choice to make, therefore, is whether to bring your home back to its former glory or, if you should go further, and banish the bad memories of the last few months by making it more than it’s ever been before.

Former glory

One tip is that if you have photographs of your home the way it was, the way you wish it could be once again, then give these to a local building firm so they can quote you for the work needed to breathe life back into your home. Any good builder worth their salt will be able to take on even the most damaged property and return it to its former glory. The photographs can also be a reference to remind you where things went, what they looked like and so on, helping you to find new bookshelves like the old ones and the right fabrics so an upholsterer can recover your water-damaged sofas and chairs.

Creating a new home

For some, the memory of the recent destruction of their home might be too upsetting, so what you may wish for in these circumstances is something completely new. You’re not going to move, so the answer is to reimagine your home, to build something new from the metaphorical ashes of the old. While this may take a little more design fine-tuning, it is infinitely possible, restructuring your internal spaces, extending to give yourself more room, starting from scratch to create a new home from the old.

If your home was damaged in the winter storms and you’re ready to start rebuilding, call us on 0203 021 2140 or email info@thebuildingcompany.co.uk and we’ll be there to help.

Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood

Coming from a very creative background, Lisa followed her passion for Art & Design and went through Art College and a BA Fashion & Textile course at University. Straight from University she landed her dream job in the fashion world, which she enjoyed being in for over 20years. Lisa decide in 2016 that she wanted to take her creative skills into another area of design joining The Building Company and concentrating on interiors.